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Our current challenge

In this challenge, Suli Breaks – an ex law graduate turned spoken-word artist – will guide you through three exciting steps that are designed to make you understand that in life you don't have to find yourself, but rather you have to create yourself.

Step 1 will be about envisioning yourself in the future, Step 2 about defining your leaders, and Step 3 about finding an accountable companion for your quest.







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Beatrice Dähler's avatar image

Solo – CC6 / Step 1

02 Aug 12:18 UTC

I have plenty of alone time on my hand now and realized that it's one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves: be still and observe and relax. Today I went to a park nearby my apartment and the pic is showing one of my favorite spots. A group of elder men that are playing with their motorboats, awesome :)

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Daniel Gandhi's avatar image

Solo – CC7 / Step 1

29 Jul 03:03 UTC

Hi! Just want to say hello to the other participants and tell you a little about myself. I quit my Job as an IT Administrator and Consultant about two months ago, sold my car and gave up my flat to start travelling the world again. I am looking not only for new adventures and I am not only trying to learn and change, this time I am looking for a...

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Elvis Coimbra Gomes's avatar image

Solo – CC1 / Step 2

02 Aug 14:10 UTC

I finally got to write my song again! I always need so much time because I want to express all my feelings in a simple rhythmical way. It's almost like a puzzle that you have to figure out how to put all the pieces together. I have chunks that I keep and use them at a certain point in the song. Some need improvement, others are perfect the way...

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Elvis Coimbra Gomes's image of Amazers Challenge
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Hannah Huffington's avatar image

Pioneering Spirit – CC2 / Step 3

10 Jul 15:45 UTC

I love Bertrand Piccard's story of burning his bridges and his story has been so inspiring throughout this challenge. So thank you! #1. I told all my family about my plans to move out and my deadline of 10 days after my 21st birthday. So that one's done! #2. The no going back bridge that I am burning is to pack up mostly all of my stuff...

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Chris Guillebeau challenge banner picture

An entrepreneur, New York Times best selling author, self-development advocate and traveler, who visited every country in the world before turning 35 years old.


Our past challenges

"Do Something Solo" challenge banner picture
Roz Savage's small picture

"Do Something Solo"

In this challenge, Roz Savage – an ex businesswoman turned world-record adventurer – guided 664 participants through three exciting steps that were designed to make them understand the importance of doing something solo.

Step 1 was about dedicating some time to oneself, Step 2 about doing a mini solo-experience, and Step 3 about defining one's very own solo-commitment.







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"Achieve Your Goals with Pioneering Spirit" challenge banner picture
Bertrand Piccard's small picture

"Achieve Your Goals with Pioneering Spirit"

In this challenge, Bertrand Piccard – the first man to have flown around the world in a balloon – guided the 1'071 participants through three exciting steps that were designed to help them achieve their goals with Pioneering Spirit.

Step 1 was about sharing one's big goal with the other participants of the challenge, Step 2 about understanding one's obstacles, and Step 3 about making one's first commitment.







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    Linda W., United States

    “I urge anyone who has not participated in an Amazers Challenge to give it at try. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.”

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    Charlie W., United Kingdom

    “It’s great to read other people's experiences, and not feel alone in the struggle for a great life! All this has definitely triggered thought processes which will be life changing for me. Keep it up – you're changing lives already!“

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    Roxanne S., Brazil

    “It was awesome to share my life with you guys, and I was amazed by your lives too, you guys are truly amazing and I couldn’t be inspired more... Thanks for everything, cheers!!!”

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Suli Breaks challenges you to:

"Create Yourself"