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Solo – CC2 / Step 2

01 Aug 2014 19:55 UTC

Today, I made the time. Getting there takes a little driving, but the rewards outpace the effort, and the weather today made the trip all the better. I saw no one but the birds as I hiked down the trail to the lake, where I cooled off with an excellent swim.

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Solo – CC17 / Step 1

22 Aug 2014 16:24 UTC

I've been surprisingly busy this past month: I finished summer classes, went on a couple vacations, worked, and started up a couple of softball teams. As busy as I felt I was, I still managed to make some time to go solo into one of the canyons in Utah County. I have been staying with my sister in Lehi, Utah to take a break from my life in Provo....

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Create Yourself – CC3 / Step 1

24 Aug 2014 21:59 UTC

OK, here goes. I hope this is going to be the start of something amazing. I'm at a point in my life where I'm in a job that I don't enjoy and time is disappearing so quickly that I feel like I need to make a change and be more 'me' in order to really make the most of life. In two years' time, I want to be being me. Not who I think I should be or...

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Solo – CC21 / Step 1

27 Aug 2014 19:39 UTC

I went for my solo walk in the conservation area behind our place. I like to take the smaller paths off the main one. Today my eye was drawn to a narrow path through some lilac bushes. It looked so intriguing and inviting. Since I had never taken that one before, off I went. The forest in the conservation area is full of rock and cedar with...

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Past challenges

In this challenge, Chris Guillebeau – an entrepreneur, traveler and New York Times bestselling author – will guide you through three exciting steps that are designed to make you understand the power of questing and help you fulfill your own quest.

Step 1 will be about sharing your own big quest, Step 2 about defining a mini quest, and Step 3 about taking action upon your mini quest.

September 19
October 20







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In this challenge, Suli Breaks – an ex law graduate turned spoken-word artist – guided 1'205 participants through three exciting steps that were designed to make them understand that in life you don't have to find yourself, but rather you have to create yourself.

Step 1 was about envisioning oneself in the future, Step 2 about defining one's leaders, and Step 3 about finding an accountable companion for one's journey.

August 19
September 18







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In this challenge, Roz Savage – an ex businesswoman turned world-record adventurer – guided 664 participants through three exciting steps that were designed to make them understand the importance of doing something solo.

Step 1 was about dedicating some time to oneself, Step 2 about doing a mini solo-experience, and Step 3 about defining one's very own solo-commitment.

July 21
August 20







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