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In this challenge, Chris Guillebeau – an entrepreneur, traveler and New York Times bestselling author – will guide you through three exciting steps that are designed to make you understand the power of questing and help you fulfill your own quest.

Step 1 will be about sharing your own big quest, Step 2 about defining a mini quest, and Step 3 about taking action upon your mini quest.

September 19
October 20







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Juliane Weiß's avatar image

Create Yourself – CC3 / Step 3

06 Sep 20:50 UTC

Step 3 of this Challenge was easy and difficult at the same time. Easy because I already knew who my accountable companion is. And difficult because of the part “take a picture”. ;) My accountable companion is Michaela, one of my best friends. We met at university during a Danish language course. She was also studying Prehistoric Archaeology,...

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Gavs Zeus Neofetou's avatar image

Create Yourself – CC7 / Step 3

08 Sep 11:09 UTC

So this is the hardest step so far, finding an accountable companion, I suppose it would be my two best friend's Ivan and Dylan, I met Ivan in year 7 of school so we have known each other for a long time, both our uni's are rather close to each other so in terms of study we help each other out, we also help each other in terms of fitness and...

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Gavs Zeus Neofetou's image of Amazers Challenge
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Beatriz Pereira's avatar image

Pioneering Spirit – CC15 / Post-challenge

24 Jul 16:23 UTC

Hello! :) It's great to see everyone who finished this challenge! Congratulations for everyone! :) I loved being part of this challenge. I have always believed in my possible Impossible, but sharing my dreams, fears and ideas with others and listen to their opinions and advices is SO liberating! It's really helpful! All people inspired me...

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Beatriz Pereira's image of Amazers Challenge
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Anastasia Well's avatar image

Create Yourself – CC17 / Step 2

07 Sep 12:11 UTC

There are so many people that can lead by exemple. I think of, today – we as individuals are so scared. Scared of what we say and to whom we say it, because of what kind of reaction we might get. Scared of not fitting in or being scared of fitting in to perfect. We not only think twice but three, four times about which picture we uplod because of...

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Past challenges

"Create Yourself" challenge banner picture
Suli Breaks's small picture

"Create Yourself"

A challenge by Suli Breaks

In this challenge, Suli Breaks – an ex law graduate turned spoken-word artist – guided 1'205 participants through three exciting steps that were designed to make them understand that in life you don't have to find yourself, but rather you have to create yourself.

Step 1 was about envisioning oneself in the future, Step 2 about defining one's leaders, and Step 3 about finding an accountable companion for one's journey.

August 19
September 18







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"Do Something Solo" challenge banner picture
Roz Savage's small picture

"Do Something Solo"

A challenge by Roz Savage

In this challenge, Roz Savage – an ex businesswoman turned world-record adventurer – guided 664 participants through three exciting steps that were designed to make them understand the importance of doing something solo.

Step 1 was about dedicating some time to oneself, Step 2 about doing a mini solo-experience, and Step 3 about defining one's very own solo-commitment.

July 21
August 20







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"Achieve Your Goals with Pioneering Spirit" challenge banner picture
Bertrand Piccard's small picture

"Achieve Your Goals with Pioneering Spirit"

A challenge by Bertrand Piccard

In this challenge, Bertrand Piccard – the first man to have flown around the world in a balloon – guided the 1'071 participants through three exciting steps that were designed to help them achieve their goals with Pioneering Spirit.

Step 1 was about sharing one's big goal with the other participants of the challenge, Step 2 about understanding one's obstacles, and Step 3 about making a first big commitment.

June 21
July 21







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Linda W., United States

“I urge anyone who has not participated in an Amazers Challenge to give it at try. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.”

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Charlie W., United Kingdom

“It’s great to read other people's experiences, and not feel alone in the struggle for a great life! All this has definitely triggered thought processes which will be life changing for me. Keep it up – you're changing lives already!“

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Roxanne S., Brazil

“It was awesome to share my life with you guys, and I was amazed by your lives too, you guys are truly amazing and I couldn’t be inspired more... Thanks for everything, cheers!!!”

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Chris Guillebeau challenges you to:

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