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Our current challenge

In this challenge, Roz Savage – an ex businesswoman turned world-record adventurer – will guide you through three exciting steps that are designed to make you understand the importance of doing something solo.

Step 1 will be about dedicating some time to yourself, Step 2 about doing a mini solo-experience, and Step 3 about defining your very own solo-commitment.







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Solo – CC4 / Step 1

23 Jul 19:33

This morning, after finding and accepting Roz's challenge, I took a walk I have done many times in the last 3 decades. I followed a road along the east shore of Priest Lake, Idaho. I have often done this route either as an early morning walk or run. The route fit perfectly with Roz's 30 minute criteria and is in a wild enough location to allow...

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Solo – CC2 / Step 1

24 Jul 20:36

Hi everyone! I was very excited to start this new challenge. I have already completed the first challenge "Achieve Your Goals With Pioneering Spirit" and it was very rewarding on a personal level. I'm sure this one will be very special too. Today, I went on a 30-minutes walk and enjoyed some time alone. I love doing this kind of things:...

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Pioneering Spirit – CC15 / Post-challenge

23 Jul 18:56

What a wonderful experience this has been. Amazers has taught me to forge ahead with my dreams and not let lethargy or doubt get in the way. And I connected with so many wonderful people in my challenge group. I wish each and every one of them all the best in the future. I urge anyone who has not participated in an Amazers Challenge to give it...

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P1050857 (3)

Pioneering Spirit – CC17 / Step 3

22 Jul 22:35

Nine days ago I burnt my first and maybe biggest bridge by telling my best friend about what I want to do. She is an archaeologist as well and so her opinion was and will always be very important for me. She asked me whether I would allow her to talk about this with her boss and I said: “Yes, of course!” So a week ago I finally visited her at...

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Coming soon challenges by


An entrepreneur, New York Times best selling author, self-development advocate and traveler, who visited every country in the world before turning 35.

Suli breaks

A law graduate turned spoken word poet and performer, whose artistic expression on YouTube has already inspired millions of people across the globe.


Last Challenge

Header step
Bertrand piccard

"Achieve Your Goals with Pioneering Spirit"

In this challenge, Bertrand Piccard – the first man to have flown around the world in a balloon – guided the 1'071 participants through three exciting steps that were designed to help them achieve their goals with Pioneering Spirit.

Step 1 was about sharing one's big goal with the other participants of the challenge, Step 2 about understanding one's obstacles, and Step 3 about making one's first commitment.







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The Amazers community is all about motivating each other and taking on challenges together.

  • Brigitte pic

    Linda W., United States

    “I urge anyone who has not participated in an Amazers Challenge to give it at try. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.”

  • Charlie pic

    Charlie W., United Kingdom

    “It’s great to read other people's experiences, and not feel alone in the struggle for a great life! All this has definitely triggered thought processes which will be life changing for me. Keep it up – you're changing lives already!“

  • Roxxane pic

    Roxanne S., Brazil

    “It was awesome to share my life with you guys, and I was amazed by your lives too, you guys are truly amazing and I couldn’t be inspired more... Thanks for everything, cheers!!!”

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Roz Savage challenges you to:

"Do Something Solo"